Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hebron - tuesday june 12

Above: Market vendor in front of street taken over by Israeli settlers and closed by Israeli army in Hebron. Due to the presence of some 600 Israeli settlers who are "reclaiming" the old city of Hebron, Palestinian residents encounter Israeli soldiers daily.
Above: Many shops in Hebron's old city have been closed due to settler violence. Recently, some shops have been reopening.
A Palestinian shop keeper in the old city directs our attention to the upper floors of the shops which are now occupied by Israeli settlers (they enter from the street behind which has been blocked to Palestinians).
Looking up at the stones and trash settlers have thrown down onto the shopkeepers. Metal netting has been put into place to protect the shops and customers. Shopkeepers say settlers have thrown down hot oil and bleach to ruin the clothes they sell.

Above: The second and third floors of a building in the old city, now occupied by Israeli settlers. The first floor (below, out of the picture) contains a Palesestinian shop.
To see firsthand video of settler violence, visit:

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