Monday, August 21, 2006

Yanoun's New Crisis: Keeping the lights on

Yanoun is a very small village that has been under attack from settlers for several years. For the basic story, see my 2003 post on Boston to Palestine's website:

Yanoun village is divided into two sections, upper and lower. This is Lower Yanoun.

The road from Lower to Upper Yanoun is newly paved, and the Belgian goverment recently put in these power lines. For the first time, Lower and Upper Yanoun have electricity 24hrs a day! For years, they relied on a diesel generator that supplied power from 7pm-11pm each evening...and then all went dark.

LEFT - Upper Yanoun and the Israeli Settlement. A small collection of houses on the hillside form Upper Yanoun. The buildings at the top of the hill belong to an Israeli settler named Avri Ran, who has terrorized the villagers with his gang (more on this later). The total population of Upper and Lower Yanoun is about 100 people, half of them kids.

Yanoun electrified.

Photo: Looking down from the houses up upper yanoun at the new road entering the village.

Upper Yanoun's #1 problem, along with all the other problems faced by Palestinians, has been with the violent settlers who have taken nearly all the villages land and captured all the hilltops surrounding Yanoun. When the villagers first got their electric generator some years back, the settlers came in and burned it, saying "You don't have permission to have electricity."

Today there is a new crisis: The Israeli military has said they will tear up the road and cut the electricity? Why? The Israeli military occupation authorities work hand in hand with the settlers. Today, it is the Israeli military who is saying "you don't have permission to get electricity." So Yanoun now faces a legal struggle to keep the road and the power lines.


Darweesh Qaimari said...

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On the 15th of December, the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque warned that, there are cracks in the southern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque result of the excavations carried out by Israeli authorities under the Aqsa Mosque the building of the Islamic Waqf, despite warning of the danger of these excavations, the Israeli authorities preventing the Islamic Waqf from reconstruction of the southern wall

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Anonymous said...

Guys helping to keep the lights on, make sure you don't underestimate the possible responses so make a safe place first and then enjoy the hospitality of good hearted downtrodden people. We all right-minded people, support what you are doing but ask you to be careful.I have and many of my friends and colleagues have first hand experience of the level Israel can stoop to to deal with a situation they do not like.
khartoum supporter