Monday, August 21, 2006

Images: The Long Road Around Jerusalem (see details in post below)

Malle Aduummim (sorry for the misspppellinngs) is a huge Jewish-only settlement East of Jerusalem. This view is from the "apartheid route" that Palestinians must take around Jerusalem to go from Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem, to Ramallah, north of Jerusalem. Note how the settlement is built, as are most settlements, on a hilltop. It runs from west to east and cuts the West Bank in half. One of the largest settlements, it is composed of "ecnomic settlers" who have arrived because the settlement offers government subsidized housing and an easy commute to Jerusalem. With parks and swimming pools and modern apartment buildings, it is indistinguishable from a "normal" neighborhood.

For a brief stretch Palestinian taxis are allowed onto this major highway, though it is primarily a settler road connecting Malle Adummim to Jerusalem. If the wall fully encloses Malle Adummim, I'm not sure how Palestinians will travel around Jerusalem at all, as this road seems likely to be cut for Palestinian use.

Looking up from the settler highway into Malle Adummim.

Che lives on the walls of the Palestinian ghetto

FOR more on this "apartheid route" around Jerusalem, see the more complete post below...

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