Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Ibrahim (shot in leg last Friday)

Just called a couple of internationals staying in Bil'in -Good news, Ibrahim is doing much better. After his surgery his bleeding wouldn't stop and they were about to try to transfer him from Ramallah to Jerusalem, but they eventually stopped the bleeding and now, a week later, he is no longer in intensive care.

Also, today's protest in Bil'in was successful with protestors affixing posters of Ibrahim to the Apartheid Wall. They were able to reach the fence and open the outer gate before being tear gassed. No serious injuries.


Michael said...


i tried to send this via email but could not find your email. just wanted to show you what i have been posting, as we seem to have both worked in the same area, possibly for the same organization. when i get back to the US in september, i will be posting a few hundred more picturtes from my work in palestine so take a look if you like.

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