Monday, August 28, 2006

World's Worst PR Campaign

[PHOTO IN POST ABOVE] The entrance to Bethlehem from Jerusalem.

The truly insane person is so insane that he thinks others also see his hallucinations. I imagine the Israeli military spokesperson: "This isn't a wall, it's a security fence. It's there to stop terrorists. And all who pass through it will feel the spirit of peace! Uh...the sniper tower?? It's for peace!"

But why imagine? You can watch the Israeli military's PR film on the "fence" right here.

Afterward, be sure to readjust yourself to reality by reading Btselem's reports and testimonies about the wall (the leading Israeli human rights organization).

The main argument by the pro-wall crowd is, of course, that the wall was built to prevent terrorism. This may be true in part, but is also partially a lie. The wall is mainly a land grab, and a prison wall. This is most obvious when you see how the fence is routed, and this is why the wall was declared illegal by the World Court,the highest ruling body on internatinal law). It is also obvious when you see the wall in person, and you see how it affects Palestinians, while priviledging Israeli Jews.

Will imprisoning Palestinians on small parts of their land improve Israeli security? Possibly, in the short run. But in the long run, will Palestinians want to make peace after being placed in cages?

Will the wall make more land available for Israeli settlers? Definitely!! "Hey," say the settlers, "No one is farming this land anymore! I wonder why not? Good thing this barrier is here to keep the Arabs out. Let's build! This is Israel now!" (see posts on Jayyous below)

The lie of the barrier being a "fence" is again partial. It is a multiple-fence and trench barrier in most places (Israel claims 97%), but becomes a 25-ft wall in, around, and through Palestinian cities. Cities become prisons, complete with guard towers. Peace be with you.

Palestinian truths on the Bethelhem side of the apartheid wall. Note the reference to US aid for Israel (the reason I care about this so much). Note also the shout-out to Hezbollah.

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