Sunday, August 13, 2006

Important Maps: The Wall and Jayyous Village

Click on the first map for a look at the entire route of the "Apartheid Wall." Jayyous is in the northwest, near Qalqilya.

A close-in look at the Jayyous area. Jayyous lost land to Israel in 1948 (people still have their deeds). But now the concern is the Zufim settlement. Already built on land from Jayyous, it now plands to "expand" (read: multiptly eightfold) into two new areas on confiscated land from Jayyous farmers. Note how the separation barrier follows the path of the planned expansions. The good news is, after appeals by farmers, Israel's Supreme court ruled that the wall around the southern expansion area was illegal and needed to be moved closer to the settlement. More good news: the International Court of Justice at the Hague ruled that the entire wall is illegal!!! The bad news: it seems unlikely that the supreme court's decision will be enforced. As for the International Court of Justice - who cares about International Law? Certainly not Israel.

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